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In short, I am a painter, illustrator, printmaker, and quilter. Though my expression of self takes many other forms as well, from cooking and farming to basketry, wildlife tracking, and song. 

Creativity shows up in my life most frequently as a way to build relationship: to our more-than-human kin, to an ecosystem, to physical materials, to myself and my body, to my community, to food and medicine, to each other, to the past and future, and beyond. It is my greatest wish to use my craft as a tool for enchantment, empowerment, adornment, community care, education, nourishment, resilience, and in the building of an ecologically and socially just future. 

I currently reside on Gayogohó꞉noʼ

(Cayuga Nation) land, in so-called Ithaca, NY. 

collaborations & commissions

Always worth discussing. Please email me with collaboration, commission, or logo requests

alternative payment options

I am of the belief that art is for and should be available to everyone. If cost is prohibitive to you please reach out to me. I can offer a sliding scale or payment plan (or both!). Or, let's forget money all together! Check out my trades section to see what I'm looking for.